Concluding Remarks from Stovall

Concluding Remarks from Stovall

Stovall acknowledges that social justice is a “committed journey to get in trouble.”

He encourages us as social justice advocates “the people that you need will show up if you continue to do the work.”  

Key point:  “part of this work is to build a community of praxis that is willing to support you and tell yu when you’re reverting to the status quo.”

Don’t just read Freire to sound cool!  Embrace education as a liberatory act!

Trust your struggle!  Use your discernment and the people that you need will show up IF you are willing to see them!

Allyship and work is only PROVEN.  It is not SPOKEN.  Trust must be earned and proven.  Will you be someone that shows up?  Do you have your allies backs?

Stovall says, “there are no prescribed answers, but rather a continued struggle.”

I’m so glad Dr. Stovall came to KU today – his words are powerful, challenging and show us the way forward.