Dr. Stovall at KU – more on his keynote at Inclusion and Social Justice

What else does Dr. Stovall have to say?

We are experiencing a moment in the US where there is an attack on education.  There are multiple policy attempts to eliminate teacher education programs.  He uses the term of “educational sharecropping” – in exchange for education, you must give up your culture, even your soul…  He gives the example of the UNO Academy in Chicago, where students are forced NOT to speak Spanish at school…

Continuing, he dissects Chicago.  He says there has been a skewed understand of youth and violence in Chicago.  He says a more accurate portrayal would include “engineered conflict, hyper-segregation, uneven development and gentrification, disinvestment, destabilization and disenfranchisement.”  Since 2004, 150 schools have been closed or repurposed!!

He says young people have told us this system is not working!  Now, how can we as educators create viable solutions that serve them well?  What does this mean in terms of social justice?!

He demands to know:  What is our contribution to the educational space?  How do we decolonize our educational institutions?