Education Today – Dr. Stovall’s Keynote at KU

Education Today – Dr. Stovall’s Keynote at KU

Dr. Stovall offers a lot on the topic of injustice, which has many layers.  How does gentrification affect people of color?

In Chicago, there are many schools in which 50% of the kids have to travel from far away to attend school because their families can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood where they once lived, and where their schools are.  (In Chicago, once you begin attending a school, you are guaranteed “right of return” until you graduate from high school.)

Stovall says that xenophobia is underpinning many of these institutions.

To achieve “transformative education and social justice,” Stovall says that we need clarity on what various terms mean!  Transformative education and social justice must be central themes rather than tangential inclusions.

He says this work is a protracted struggle.  “Justice-centered research is park of a larger political project intended to end the colonial relationship between universities and urban communities.”  He offers that we should “never research ON” but rather research WITH.

A warning is being issued, “this is not for the faint of heart.”  He has lost 5 of his colleagues in the past year due to the difficulty of this work.  Self-care is critical!

More to come…