Feminist Perspectives to Engage History/Future

Feminist Perspectives to Engage History/Future

Elise Higgins, PhD Student in the University of Kansas Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, presented a phenomenal paper yesterday at the Inclusion and Social Justice Conference.  Her project deals with IUDs and cyborgs, and offers a feminist critique based on Donna Haraway’s work A Cyborg Manifesto.  She is asking the question:  what can we learn about embracing a feminist science and the contradictions in IUDs?

Some of the issues are:

– IUDs cannot be controlled by the user

– there is a complicated history of both issues of access to birth control and also forced sterilization of some communities (women of color and others)

Interestingly, Higgins argues that women who have IUDs are actually cyborgs!  She draws attention to the fact that IUDs are related to cultural myths about sexuality.  Higgins concludes by stating the importance and implications of theorizing IUDs and encourages us to get involved in local politics and advocacy.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Elise!