Postdoctoral Laborers: Meeting Minutes 4/2/18


  • Potential Panel for DLF – “Post-docs in the Library” (Kim) – Anyone interested??


To do:

  • Meetings first monday of every month at 3pm et
  • Amanda will start regular writing group check-ins
  • Hannah will start documentation doc so we can think about documenting what we have, what we would like next.

Kinds of postdoctoral positions

  • Low-responsibility positions (1:1 teaching, etc.)
  • Unstructured time: what is a priority during the postdoc?
  • Writing book proposals
  • Taking some time away from your thesis
  • Goal setting/Accountability group: would this be useful?
    • Yes! Hannah will send info to Amanda, who will email all of us.
  • Is the book project the best thing to focus on?

Finding mentors:

  • at small liberal arts colleges, “there’s nobody who does what I do”

Setting up for new/future postdocs:

  • Creating a document that would be useful for new hires: documentation of what we all have.
  • What does it mean to be a post-doc? Etc
  • Orientation with new faculty
  • Faculty to read job materials, give talks, etc.