The International Students’ Experience Survey

Are you an international graduate student interested in sharing your experiences with the International Student Advocacy Project? If so, here’s the link to the International Students’ Experience Survey.

Further information from the survey:

“International graduate students, compared to their domestic counterparts, experience multiple additional barriers to success that cut or significantly limit their access to vital resources for academic and professional development and/or mental and physical health. The aggregate impact of the current pandemic, the unpromising job market, and other related crises have further complicated the already precarious lives of international graduate students.

“The purpose of this survey is to identify and raise awareness about the disparities between international graduate students’ experiences and domestic graduate students’ experiences. We hope to identify key issues, concerning international graduate students, that we can put at the forefront of our future advocacy efforts. Our objective is to shed light on the nearly invisible inequities that, even in our current “woke” political climate, are often overlooked in higher education institutions. For more information about this survey and our work, please follow this link:

“Privacy Statement: Collected data will only be used for general analytical purposes. Your responses will be completely private and anonymous unless you choose to include your identifying information in the text of your responses. This form will not collect your email. However, if you choose to upload an audio testimony (see Section 4), you will be directed to a separate form that will require you to sign in, using your preferred email address. Identifying information collected through the audio testimonial survey will not be used for any purposes.”

The International Student Advocacy Project is led by international graduate students pursuing PhDs in the humanities. The Project is supported by the Visionary Futures Collective, a collection of humanists from across the United States who tackle challenges relating ot the present and future of higher education.