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  • Berkman Klein Center Call for Applications: 2024-2025 BKC Fellowship

    The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University has opened our call for applications for our flagship fellowship program for the 2024-2025 year! This opportunity is for people who wish to spend 2024-2025 in residence in Cambridge, MA, as part of the Center’s vibrant community of research and practice, and who seek […]

  • 2023 Collaborative Book Review: Interview with Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis, authors of ‘The New College Classroom’ (2022)

    This year, HASTAC Scholars Nanditha Krishna, Britt Munro, Sidney A. Turner, Waleska Solorzano, and Matthew Taitano interviewed HASTAC Co-Founder Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis of the CUNY Graduate Center, authors of The New College Classroom. Britt Munro: I love the down-to-earth way you approach the realities of college teaching, and in particular your approach to ‘failure’- when things don’t go as planned- as potentially generative […]

  • Project launch: Next-Generation Dissertations Website

    Project launch: Next-Generation Dissertations Website

    I’m excited to share this news with the HASTAC community: Next-Generation Dissertations, a project I’ve been working on with The Graduate School at Syracuse University, is now live. Many thanks to the NEH for making this project possible through their Next Gen PhD grants. I worked on this with Chris Flanagan and Glenn Wright at […]

  • A New Chapter

    A New Chapter

    After seven wonderful years at the Futures Initiative and HASTAC, it is with both sadness and excitement that I announce that I will be leaving the Graduate Center in September. Working at CUNY since 2014, when the Futures Initiative was just taking shape, has been an incredible privilege. I have learned so much from each […]

  • A guide for academics to become culture change agents for open research

          “I believe that by focussing our attention on communites [sic], groups, clubs and the incentives that they work within we will make more progress, because at some level the incentives for the group are the culture” (Neylon 2015; Accessed June 25, 2019). Open science needs you to become a culture change agent. Almost everybody you […]

  • Chapter 3 – Expanding Definitions of Scholarly Success

    Chapter 3 – Expanding Definitions of Scholarly Success

      Katina Rogers begins chapter three of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by considering what it means to be “successful” in terms of research and career outcomes in humanities fields. Particularly in our current moment, where the values of the humanities are constantly being redefined and renegotiated, this chapter comes as a necessary remark […]

  • Conclusion: Building a University Worth Fighting For

    Conclusion: Building a University Worth Fighting For

    The conclusion and afterword of Dr. Katina Rogers’ Putting the Humanities To Work fundamentally challenges the pessimistic notion that the academy as we know it is unchangeable, or that those involved with universities by employment or education are unable to change them.  The notion that “a university worth fighting for” is not an impossible dream […]

  • Chapter 1 – The Academic Workforce: Expectations and Realities

    Book title: Putting the Humanities PhD to Work Toward the end of my first year as a PhD student, I unexpectedly had the opportunity to step in as the lecturer for a course partway into the semester. The week that my role switched from TA to instructor, several students stopped beginning their emails to me […]

  • Chapter 5 – Students: How to Put Your PhD to Work

    Book Title: Putting the Humanities PhD to work In chapter five, Rogers examines the specific ways of putting the humanities PhD to work. She focuses this intervention on not only the students but also those in positions to make institutional decisions, such as faculty members and university administrators. Rogers, in this chapter, offers practical suggestions […]

  • Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Book Launch Video and Q&A

    Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Book Launch Video and Q&A

     Click to watch the full conversation I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Teresa Mangum at the University of Iowa to celebrate the launch of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work. Following a generous introduction by Dr. Cathy Davidson, Teresa and I had an invigorating conversation about the nature of graduate education, the […]