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  • Recap of the HASTAC Scholars Welcome Event | Cohort of 2023-2025

    The HASTAC Scholars Welcome Event on February 1st, 2024, was an engaging and informative session introducing the new cohort to HASTAC and the program’s offerings and opportunities for collaboration and growth. The event was led by Program Co-Directors Coline Chevrin and Parisa Setayesh, who provided an overview of HASTAC’s vision and the various activities scholars […]

  • Digital Fridays | December 1, 2023

    Navigating New Frontiers: The Convergence of Technology and Traditional Disciplines The Last Digital Friday of 2023, featuring HASTAC Scholars, was held on December 1st and their presentations about how technological advances are revolutionizing multiple fields was a great showcase for the convergence of technology and traditional disciplines. At this Digital Friday presentation, we hosted three […]

  • HASTAC CFP: Inviting Proposals to Host the Next HASTAC Conference 

    Expressions of interest due by January 15, 2024; full proposals will be invited thereafter. We invite proposals to host the twelfth international conference of HASTAC (“Haystack”), the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory, often called “the world’s first and oldest academic social network.”  We are currently inviting proposals to host a conference in […]

  • 2023 Collaborative Book Review: Interview with Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis, authors of ‘The New College Classroom’ (2022)

    This year, HASTAC Scholars Nanditha Krishna, Britt Munro, Sidney A. Turner, Waleska Solorzano, and Matthew Taitano interviewed HASTAC Co-Founder Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis of the CUNY Graduate Center, authors of The New College Classroom. Britt Munro: I love the down-to-earth way you approach the realities of college teaching, and in particular your approach to ‘failure’- when things don’t go as planned- as potentially generative […]

  • A (Very Brief) History of HASTAC (2002-2023)

    A (Very Brief) History of HASTAC (2002-2023)

    NOTE: This was written quickly, without access to the archives, from memory–and we know how faulty that can be. Please use the “Comments” to add names, insights, anything you wish.–CND On this very smoky morning, as I get ready for the 20th “advisory board” meeting of HASTAC at what has shaped up to be […]

  • Shifting Expectations

    Shifting Expectations

    Our 3rd Grade Classroom on The First Day of Snow Often as teachers, we mask our emotions. We are suppose to be peppy all the time. For the most part, I am a glass half full person. For teacher wellness, I need to also share when things are just, meh. I saw a meme the […]

  • Introduction: Putting the PhD to Work—for the Public Good

    Introduction: Putting the PhD to Work—for the Public Good

    In the introduction to Putting the Humanities PhD to Work, Katina L. Rogers notes the broad remit of her book. Its intended audience includes not only PhD students, but also anyone who might consider getting a PhD, as well as, of course, those responsible for shaping the futures of graduate programs and graduate students. I’m […]

  • Conclusion: Building a University Worth Fighting For

    Conclusion: Building a University Worth Fighting For

    Throughout Putting the Humanities Ph.D. To Work, Katina Rogers considers two organizing questions which form the backbone of her book: How might a broader understanding of postgraduate success improve the humanities as interconnected fields, and how can we think beyond existing institutional structures in challenging “default” careers for postgraduate humanities PhD students? (14-15). Rogers embarks […]

  • Canceled: HASTAC Conference at UT Dallas

    Note from the HASTAC Team: Unfortunately, the HASTAC conference originally planned for Fall 2020 at the University of Texas at Dallas has been cancelled. ATEC Dean and HASTAC Executive Board Member Anne Balsamo would like to share the letter below with HASTAC members. Please join us in thanking Dean Balsamo, along with Kim Knight and […]

  • What does the City of Newark have to offer?

    What does the City of Newark have to offer? Newark, New Jersey’s largest city and industrial area is where I reside and would like to talk about today. Newark’s population since founded in 1666, has dropped dramatically since the 2000s due to 31% of its population living in the poverty line and unemployment rate which was 12%. Also, 15% of teenagers between the […]